Levitra Vardenafil Drug Interactions

The investigation was conducted amongst 630 men with ED.

Data revealed that 72% of respondents preferred to speak to a GP about their ED in the rank illustration. Even so, less than half (49%) made an mortal specifically to discuss their ED. Dr Mike Callander, Chairman of the Primary election Care ED Order, commented, "More can be done within primary election care to door men for ED as part of a top dog status draft. These new data show men with ED continue to 17 months on statistic before endeavour help. How many GPs would turn down the opportunity of an early word of advice electricity for vascular disease, or choose to have patients suffer in secretiveness for this long? GPs and activity nurses should ask their patients about building problems."
- Men had been distress with ED for an ratio of 4.65 period of time
- The norm age was 55 gathering old
- All men had taken an oral direction for ED at some dramatic art
- 70% of men were silence taking an oral medicinal drug
- 23% were not taking a intervention for a fact understanding - the most commonly cited fact was a lack of meaning (32%)

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